Haunted House

The ghosts and goblins of the An Tóstal Haunted House 2018 put fear into everyone who visited the house last year. They tried to get their claws into everyone who visited and we hope anyone who did, all managed to get out alive.

The House looks very deceiving from the outside and for those who are not afraid to enter the house, be aware that the house becomes alive on the inside, the windows become walls and you should always be aware of what lies beneath you. Each year more and more ghosts, ghouls, beasts and monsters come out so if you think you know what is ahead of you - YOU DON'T!!

All scares are age appropriate where the Small Scares are suitable for Under 12's while the Big Scares are suitable for Teenagers and Adults. All those attending the small scares are led by a Guide who will ensure that the ghosts, creatures and beasts that lie ahead are aware of the "age" approaching and will scare appropriately. Remember - You must be very brave before you enter!!

Last year was the seventh year of the Haunted House event which acts as a fundraiser for An Tóstal Festival, Drumshanbo, as well as supporting local charities.

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